❈ About 

We are a French-born couple who traveled the World. 

We used to live in France (obviously), Mayotte, New Zealand, Moorea (you might know more the sister island Bora Bora) and now we are based in Victoria, the warmer city of Canada in Vancouver Island!

We seem to be attracted by islands...

We are in the PT time zone, really convenient for many of you, and working 6 days a week including weekends.

We use Zoom (similar to Skype) and Google Hangouts during our virtual classes.

We love to chat about different topics like travel, culture, art, history, cinema, and food! We can't wait to know more about your passion.

"Sam and Virginie are amazing instructors! They provide a supportive, relaxed, and friendly environment to learn. They are not only beyond qualified, but they make you feel very at ease...which is not always easy when learning something new! The classes are very interactive, practical, and address not only the language, but also the culture. In my opinion, the classes are personal and unique, because for them, teaching is personal. I'm about to complete my second series and I cannot imagine a better place to learn French!"  Mike - Melbourne

❈ Philosophy 

We propose online courses for more than 5 years now. Our students are from all around the World: Canada, USA, Switzerland, Australia, China, Brasil, etc...

Our method is simple: we don't want you to get bored with grammar and vocabulary you will never use during a normal conversation. Of course, we will see grammatical points during exercise but our lessons are made to keep that simple. Topics we will talk about are also thunk depending on how you are and what you are interested in.

We have students who just start French with no background at all. 

They want to learn :

- help their child on their lessons

- know about the country's second language (Canada, Switzerland, etc..)

- want to travel in France or a French-speaking country... as everybody knows that French people will be more gentle if they start a conversation with a "bonjour"

We also have an intermediate level, people who want to improve :

- to read books or watch movies in French

- to pass an exam like the DELF

- for their work (organizations, politics...)

And finally, we have an advanced level, for people who want to practice:

- to don't lost their French thanks to our conversation lessons

- learn fin details of this crazy language.

-learn more about the culture in French.

We have a long relationship with most of our students sometimes for 3 years or more!  We are happy to provide lessons for everyone from 15 years old.

"I've been taking French classes with them for over a year now and it has been a fantastic experience. I started with French after having visited Paris a few times and Sam & Virginie are skilled teachers with exceptional attention to detail tailored to each student. We are reinforcing previous classes/lectures, and homework assignments are practical and align with material taught in the class. If you're thinking about learning French, don't hesitate and enroll here, you won't be disappointed!." Bev - Vancouver