Private French classes with your native French Tutors

We teach our students about the real France while covering key language techniques!     We provide online individuals sessions to improve your confidence and your accent, we focuse on specific grammar challenges and we tell you more about exciting elements of French culture based on our own experience and our knowledge.

 ❈ About ❈

We are a French-born couple who experienced the World.

We are born in France. I grew up in Mayotte, a small french island on the Indian Ocean, and Sam was waiting for her in Belfort, East of France. Then we met and we decide to start our journey by living in Toulouse. Together, we left France 8 years ago to live in New Zealand, then in Moorea (you might know more the sister island Bora Bora), and now we are based in Victoria, the warmer city of Canada on Vancouver Island!

We seem to be attracted by islands.

We are in the PT time zone, really convenient for many of you, and working 6 days a week including weekends. We provide bespoke classes from complete beginners to advanced.

We use Zoom (similar to Skype) and Google Hangouts during our virtual classes.

During our session, we love to chat about different topics like travel, culture, art, history, cinema, and food! We can't wait to know more about your passion and to give you the confidence you need to speak only in French next time you travel or to apply for this bilingual job you dream about!

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Don't learn only a language with us: learn a rich and diverse culture!  

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