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Arsène Lupin is a fictional gentleman thief and master of disguise created in 1905 by French writer Maurice Leblanc. Arsène Lupin, this carefree and dandy-looking thief, stealing from the Parisian aristocracy thanks to his formidable charm is a "big-hearted thief ", a hero wearing a monocle, a black cloak and a top hat who travels through time and...

More than 200 restoration professionals are working every day for 18 months to try to restore and save Notre Dame de Paris, the world's most famous cathedral. In April 2019, a fire had swept through its attic, melted its roof, and sent its spire plunging like an arrow into the heart of the sacred space. Now, it was silent but...

Even in terms of pastries, the English play the card of eccentricity. According to Tesco, the supermarket chain, 75% of their customers would demand straight croissants, which are easier to spread than curved croissants. "Many people only manage to get a perfect spread after three tries, which increases the risk of accidents involving fingers and...

French people have a great sense of humor. When it's about to print a new Stamp, with a modern and "family-friendly" design, they will of course hide the traditional uncovered breast, who is often criticized or censored by many brands all around the globe, who still use prudish copies of the famous Eugene Delacroix paint.

Two little mouthfuls of pleasure who are making turn the head spin of the Globe since 1862.

To say that the Loire castles are part of the landscape in Touraine is a nice euphemism, to don't say an understatement! Illustrious castles or more anonymous mansions, their silhouettes are always omnipresent. Why such concentration in this piece of France?

"La Marseillaise" is worldwide known and if you listen carefully to the lyrics, you might be surprised (even shocked) by them. Violent and "bloody", the history of this song is so much more complex than just a rallying song.

The chocolate mousse is a purely French recipe. It is described for the first time by Menon, a culinary author who lived in the 17th century and then designates the foam which is on a chocolate drink. Today we are offering you the recipe of the Chef Alain Ducasse.

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