Our Philosophy.

How do we teach you French?

We have been offering online courses since 2015.

Our students come from all around the world: Canada, the USA, Switzerland, Australia, China, Brazil, etc...

Our method is simple: we don't want to bore you with grammar and vocabulary you will never use at the first steps or during a normal conversation. Of course, we will learn grammar during exercises but our lessons are made to make the connection between theory and practice to make it logical, to keep things simple, enjoyable, and efficient.

So no torture or stupid by heart learning. We will just push every single conversation and exercise to its maximum to give you all the ressources in a comprehensive context. You will learn naturally without to even realize it sometimes.

Topics we will talk about are also chosen depending on who you are, what you are interested in and why you want to learn French.

One-on-one tutoring is the best way to reach your goals faster.

We have students who start French with no background at all!

Some people want to learn because they want to:

- Help their children with homework

- Learn their country's second language (like in Canada, Switzerland, etc..) or their heritage language

- Travel to France or a French-speaking country. As everybody knows, French people will be more gentle if they start a conversation with a "bonjour"

- Be able to speak the native language of their partner

- Challenge themselves

- Learn for the love of French culture

We also have an intermediate level, people who want to improve their French :

- to read books or watch movies in French.

- to pass an exam like the DELF or DALF.

- for work (organizations, politics, business...)

- to immigrate : we can help by preparing the exams. 

And finally, we have an advanced level, for people who want to practice their French :

- To not lose their French language skills thanks to our conversation lessons

- Learn all the little details of this crazy language

- Learn more about the culture in France

We've maintained long-lasting relationships with most of our students, some for 4 years or more! We are happy to provide lessons to anyone 10 years old and older.