Our Philosophy.

How do we teach French?

We have been offering online courses since 2012.

One-on-one tutoring is the best way to reach your goals faster.

We create lessons based on years of experience and update them constantly. 

We also write articles on cultural aspects you will love to make the session enjoyable. 

Finally, our exercises based on real-life scenarios will help you speak and interact with people. 

You won't use that middle age word your school teacher told you to use. 

(We know that we had this issue with English classes!) 

We want people to understand you.  

How are our students? 

Our students come from around the world: Canada, the USA, Switzerland, Australia, China, Brazil, etc... 

Some people want to learn to:

- Help their children with homework

- Learn their country's second language (like in Canada, Switzerland, etc..) or their heritage language

- For children (especially in Canada) : to be able to follow specific classes or cursus for University and schools.

- Travel to France or a French-speaking country. As everybody knows, French people will be more gentle if they start a conversation with a "bonjour"

- Be able to speak the native language of their partner

- Challenge themselves and let that brain work :)

- Learn for the love of French culture

- To integrate politics (Canada).

We also have an intermediate level, people who want to improve their French :

- to read books or watch movies in French.

- to pass an exam like the DELF or DALF.

- for work (organizations, politics, business...)

- to immigrate: we can help by preparing for the exams.

And finally, we have an advanced level for people who want to practice their French :

- To not lose their French language skills thanks to our conversation lessons

- Learn all the little details of this crazy language

- Learn more about the culture in France

We've maintained long-lasting relationships with our students! 

We have students who start French with no background at all!