DELF / DALF Preparation.


This diploma certified by the French Ministry of Education is recognized worldwide along with an increasing number of administrative bodies, employers, and educational institutions. 

The program we have designed is for students who are already learning French and want to prepare for the DELF or the DALF exam in the best conditions. This is a course to help you prepare for the exam specifically with previous tests exams and advice from your teacher.

This program focuses on the preparation of this exam in 10 hours minimum to prepare and learn about the format of the exam. Students are required to complete homework between each class. It includes exams from previous years that are corrected with your teacher during your classes to explain you.

Please note that this class is focusing on the preparation for the exam only, not on learning French. 

What to except? :

The content will be customizable depending on your specific needs :

  • Description of the exam format and scoring.
  • Sample exams of previous years in the 4 skills - listening, reading, writing and speaking.
  • Homework to complete before each class.
  • Corrections by your teacher during the class.
  • We encourage you to buy a book to prepare on your side the exam. We will give you references. 

What about classes to learn French?

In addition to this class, you can take our French classes package. Based on the CECRL recommendations but it varies depending on students, we estimate your hours of learning as following :

  • Level A1 requires 80-100 hours of learning
  • Level A2 requires 180-200 hours of learning
  • Level B1 requires 250-300 hours of learning
  • Level B2 requires 350-550 hours of learning

Please note it depends of your skills and background. We will be to evaluate how long you need after a free test and a first class together. 

$ 600

For 10hr programm (1h or 2h class/week depending on your schedule)
Private online class !

All rates are in CAD$.

Check your currency rates here. 

Enroll now or ask us your free evaluation, we are here to help you.

Do you want to know more about the DELF / DALF exam? 

DELF / DALF has to offer :

International recognition of French proficiency:

  • Lifelong certification obtained in either the applicant's country or another.
  • Based on identical international standard used in 164 countries (CEFR).
  • Promotes interprovincial dialogue across Canada

A testimony to your success in learning the French language:

  • Recognition of one's accomplishments on the road to French proficiency.
  • Constitutes an official document that is recognized internationally and that enhances the candidate's school or professional portfolio.

Advantages for those seeking higher education:

  • Recognized worldwide by francophone postsecondary education institutions
  • Acceptance into a university in France (Needs to be at B2 lever or higher).

Improves one's resume:

  • A description of terms of what the candidate is capable of in French.
  • An assistance for professional advancement especially if you work for the government of Canada.
  • Helps widen the range of career and recreational opportunities throughout the world.

Visit the official website to have more details . 

They provide an excellent and specialized tutoring service. They have an easy and human on-boarding for new students and were quick to respond to my inquiry. My goal was to be confident for my DELF exam, and Sam was able to find quickly where I need help and how I could be more relax about the preparation. The true value is in spending one-on-one time with someone who genuinely loves the language and enjoys teaching it.

Yin B - Vancouver.