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 ❈ The routine 

Our most popular package!

  • 50 minutes Zoom/Google hangout's  lesson 
  • 2 exercises and lesson homework
  • Specific topic, vocabulary, and grammar
  • From $39  
  • (5 lessons : $45/lesson, 10 lessons : $43/lesson, 20 lessons : $41/lesson, 35 lesson : $40/lesson, 55 lessons : $39/lesson)

Our weekly routine lessons online are made for the one who wishes to bring their French skills to another level. 

Lessons are of course Tailor-made according to your level and your goals. We will help you in improving your general French-speaking abilities, your verbal comprehension, and also your writing skills. 

We will allow you to have confidence in speaking in French about everyday life subjects mostly related to the situations found in your environment. Grammar points will also be introduced and practice through exercises, audio, video exercises, and articles. We will also take the time to work on the pronunciation and of course, on cultural and historical topics.

❈ The traveler 

  • 45 minutes Zoom/Google hangout's lesson 
  • Specific topic and vocabulary to travel 
  • 1 to 2 exercises after each session
  • From $35
  • (5 lessons : $39/lesson, 10 lessons : $37/lesson, 22 lessons : $35/lesson)

This program is made to prepare you for a trip to French-speaking countries or islands. And there are so many! We will not focus on grammar points or technical communication aspects here. 

The most important is for you to be comfortable and confident by speaking to locals (including Parisians). Learn how to communicate, to ask for information, to order food, and to have some conversations with French speakers you will meet.

Each course is personalized depending on what you want to do during your travel, where you are going etc... We will be able to also speak about cultural topics which will be interesting and far from a boring book. We are happy to give you some personal tips based on our personal knowledge of areas including secrets places in Paris, best pastries shops on "le Marais", the best vintage shop in Nice, charming small towns in France and exclusive activities in Tahiti, Bora Bora and many more. 

Let's be this guy who will enter very confident in a Parisian shop and say "Bonjour Mademoiselle, comment allez-vous aujourd'hui?"

 ❈ The Chatty 

  • 50 minutes Zoom/Google hangout's conversation 
  • Specific topic based on your interest
  • No homework and no lesson
  • From $30
  • (5 lessons : $35/lesson, 10 lessons : $34/lesson, 22 lessons : $33/lesson, 35 lesson : $32/lesson, 55 lessons : $30/lesson)

These conversation courses are for the one who has a fluency level in French (intermediate or advanced). It's perfect if you want to practice verbal expressions, improve your comprehension skills, and talk about specific topics.

During the session, we will correct you as you speak to improve your pronunciation and grammar. We will type any new vocabulary and expressions on the Zoom chat board. We will motivate you to express your opinions and thoughts thanks to specific topics we will choose just for you, based on your interests. 

No homework for this session, so perfect for the busy one who doesn't want to lost their french!

L'art de la conversation! We know how to make you speak.

The Businessman, the Politician, and the Doctor 

  • 1h Zoom/Google hangout's lesson with a specific topic based on your need
  • 2 exercises and lesson homework
  • Specific topic, vocabulary, and grammar
  • From $50
  • (10 lessons : $54/lesson, 22 lessons : $53/lesson, 35 lesson : $52/lesson, 55 lessons : $50/lesson)

These sessions are for the one who wants to communicate with their clients, their colleagues, and their superiors in a work environment, as well as how to interact in a business social context.

Our students have many different background and goals: some of them learn French as Doctor or member of an organization and need french speaking to connect with people in Africa for example, some others are politicians and need french to speak to people in Québec or French-speakers in the country, others are businessmen and need it to deal with vendors or buyers. 

Learn the French Business language with expressions and idioms used in directing a meeting, giving suggestions, proposing viewpoints, expressing your concerns, holding a sales meeting, and negotiating.

We will help you to make a presentation or a speech based on cultural differences too. Be ready for a job interview in French or to reply to questions. We will take the time to focus on pronunciation.

The Student 

  • 1h Zoom/Google hangout's  lesson with a specific topic
  • Level A1 to C2
  • 2 exercises and lesson homework
  • Specific topic, vocabulary, and grammar related to your exam
  • From $45
  • (10 lessons : $50/lesson, 22 lessons : $49/lesson, 35 lesson : $47/lesson, 55 lessons : $45/lesson)

You will need to buy a book for this session. We will give you exercises from the book but also other ones we made to help you to pass the exam. During the lesson, we'll work on written comprehension, written production, as well as the expression production of the different exam parts. 

For homework, we will assign you to work to practice oral and written comprehension. Each lesson is personalized to your level and to your pace of learning. 

Not sure which one is the best for you? Ask us your free evaluation, we are here to help you.

"What a great experience it has been! Virginie has been helping me to learn a beautiful language and appreciate an amazing culture. Since visiting Paris in 2014 on my honeymoon, I'd been inspired to learn French but time went by and I never got around to taking a live course. Books and videos weren't enough. Thank goodness I met these French guys! I've completed 6 months classes and have no plans to stop!" Stacey B - New York.